Available since LÖVE 0.10.0
In versions prior to 0.10.0 the CompressedData name was used for CompressedImageData objects.

Represents byte data compressed using a specific algorithm.

love.math.decompress can be used to de-compress the data.


love.math.compress Compresses a string or data using a specific compression algorithm. Added since 0.10.0


CompressedData:getFormat Gets the compression format of the CompressedData. Added since 0.10.0
Data:getPointer Gets a pointer to the Data.
Data:getSize Gets the Data's size in bytes.
Data:getString Gets the full Data as a string. Added since 0.9.0
Object:type Gets the type of the object as a string.
Object:typeOf Checks whether an object is of a certain type.


CompressedDataFormat Compressed data formats. Added since 0.10.0


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