Serializing Libraries

NameDescriptionStandalone Lua ModuleLOVE VersionLOVE Min Version
BlobA serialization and parser library for binary file formatsAny
LuaTableA library that converts tables to Lua code that can be saved.Any
SerialA serialization library optimized for very large tables.Any
TserialConverts tables into strings and back. Good for saving games, multiplayer, etc.Any
binserCustomizable Lua Serializer - Great for Saving GamesAny
bitserSerializes and deserializes Lua values with LuaJITAny
libSaveTableToFileLoad and save tables as text files.Any
libxmlLua XML LibraryAny
love.bundleData saving lib for Love.Any
JupiterTable serialisation and file I/O.0.8.0