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Body:resetMassDataResets the mass of the body.
Body:setActiveSets whether the body is active in the world.
Body:setAllowSleepingSet the sleep behaviour of a body.
Body:setAngleSet the angle of the body.
Body:setAngularDampingSets the angular damping of a Body
Body:setAngularVelocitySets the angular velocity of a Body.
Body:setAwakeWakes the body up or puts it to sleep.
Body:setBulletSet the bullet status of a body.
Body:setFixedRotationSet whether a body has fixed rotation.
Body:setGravityScaleSets a new gravity scale factor for the body.
Body:setInertiaSet the inertia of a body.
Body:setLinearDampingSets the linear damping of a Body.
Body:setLinearVelocitySets a new linear velocity for the Body.
Body:setMassSets the mass properties directly.
Body:setMassDataOverrides the calculated mass data.
Body:setMassFromShapesSets mass properties from attatched shapes.
Body:setPositionSet the position of the body.
Body:setSleepingAllowedSets the sleeping behaviour of the body.
Body:setTransformSet the position and angle of the body.
Body:setTypeSets a new body type.
Body:setUserDataAssociates a Lua value with the Body.
Body:setXSet the x position of the body.
Body:setYSet the y position of the body.
Body:wakeUpWake up a sleeping body.
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