Sets the wrapping properties of a Texture.

This function sets the way a Texture is repeated when it is drawn with a Quad that is larger than the texture's extent, or when a custom Shader is used which uses texture coordinates outside of [0, 1]. A texture may be clamped or set to repeat in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Clamped textures appear only once (with the edges of the texture stretching to fill the extent of the Quad), whereas repeated ones repeat as many times as there is room in the Quad.



Texture:setWrap( horiz, vert, depth )


WrapMode horiz
Horizontal wrapping mode of the texture.
WrapMode vert (horiz)
Vertical wrapping mode of the texture.
Available since LÖVE 11.0
WrapMode depth (horiz)
Wrapping mode for the z-axis of a Volume texture.



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