Commonly suspected to be a robot, for reasons including but not limited to the inhuman code it creates. It dreams in associative arrays. More information is here.



TEsoundA sound manager that makes it easy to use sound and music
TLbindA simple system for creating professional control schemes
TLfresLets games run at any resolution, easily and without stretching
TLpathAdd A* pathfinding to games
TserialConverts tables into strings and back. Good for saving games, multiplayer, etc.


General mathA collection of mathematical functions which can be useful in game programming.
HSL colorAn alternate colorspace, allowing for aesthetically-pleasing color transformations.
ShearShear/skew graphics!


Chromatic Paths (0.7.1, Puzzle, Released)
Taehl - Travel through every spot in an area via a treacherous path, set to mellow visuals and music.
Isome screen4.png
Isome (0.7.0, Engine, Released)
Taehl - A 3D isometric engine.
Love 2012-01-30 12-56-51-18.png
Plant game (0.7.1, Puzzle, Open beta)
Taehl, Ensayia - A game about growing and crossbreeding plants to meet various goals or escape disease.
Love 2012-01-30 13-40-41-37.png
Polybius (0.7.1, Arcade, Released)
Love 2012-01-30 13-19-40-50.png
Terus (0.7.1, Arcade, Abandoned)
Taehl, Ensayia - A remake of the old classic, Gyruss.
Love 2012-01-30 12-26-20-43.png
Underlife (0.7.1, Exploration, Unreleased)
Taehl - A simulation in entropic oppression.