I started to play with LÖVE in 2009 (with the v0.5.0)

I was back in 2011 on löve 0.7.1.

I done a new break until the end of 2014. We are now in 2015, I'm back again! (v0.9.1).

Enjoy !

My 2015 Projects

I released some work done on my github account.

My 2011 Projects

Projects is to rewrite my "jail" project (see [love-master project (jail, ...)])

  • UTF-8 support for lua (in pure lua)
  • bit64 : 64bits bit-wise emulation for Lua 32bits environment
    • Status: Done, not released yet
    • URL: ...

  • crypto.akiss3-1 : random generator algorithm named AKISS v3.1

  • lova ; Love API
    • Desc: provide a layer to abstract the love primive
    • Goal: provide an easier interface, fix bug, manage alternative
    • Sample:
      • - lova.random(*) -- I just want random things ! without thinking about seed and bug -- never re-seed() ! sample of security break due to reseed
      • - lova.class(*) -- I just want a class ! ... don't care about what class implementation
      • - lova.screen* -- a simple way to change settings !
      • - lova.sound* -- sound manager !
      • - strict
      • - lova.gui -- !
      • - lova.debug
      • - lova.require(*) -- the require() to use for love modules !
      • lovapi.module.load("alternatives") -- like require("alternatives")
      • lovapi.module.unload("anothermodule") -- remove and clean a module
      • lovapi.module.load("lova.import"):init()
      • lovapi.module.init("lova.import")
      • lovapi.provide("import", lovapi.module.get("import"))
      • lovapi.configure("class", require("class-commons"))

  • LCE : Löve Callbacks Enforcer
  • fakelove
    • Status : frozen
    • Goal: Build a compatible lua environment in pure lua
  • luajail and lovejail
    • Status : frozen
    • Goal: made a secure (jailed) environment for running löve's games.
    • TODO: test the crack*.love attacks see this thread
    • Goal: be able to allow/deny access of library or function (like os, io, require ...) for the LUA part, and some love functions for the LOVE part
  • jailfs (lib)
    • Status : in progress
    • Goal: be able to filter that is allowed to read (and write) on file system access
    • Feature: think about allow a way to load a case insensitive filename (usefull for stupid zip software that push upper case character... seen in some forum topics...)
  • jailnet (lib)
    • Status : nothing done yet
    • Goal: like jailfs but with the network connections (filter the ip:port like simple firewall)
  • gameconf (lib)
    • Status : frozen
    • Goal: having easy function to manage game settings
    • (FIXME: I don't remember what exactly but I have part of code about that...)
  • LUSE : Löve User Settings Enforcer
    • Status : frozen
    • Goal: always keep control! be able to choose and enforce my user settings, allow or deny change on resolution/input grabbing/window-or-full-screen mode/no sound/etc.

  • love-master
    • Goal: have a magic key (or sequence) to pause the game and got back to a safe environnement (like the love console?) to be able do ... what you want.
    • For example:
      • debugging (see memory usage, variable values, ...)
      • profiling (see stats about most called function) see ProfilingLuaCode
      • access to the safe menu to configure (simple-firewall, jailfs or others settings)
    • Part of this project is to catch and lock the love callbacks ...
  • launcher
    • Goal: be bale to run my local love (with love-master, settings enforcement, etc.) have a way to choose what game is available. Run one of them in jail environnement.
  • random lib
    • Status : Done, not released yet
    • A simple random generator with safe (re-)initialization.
    • Inspired from
    • Idea: Using a seed with current random try.
    • Sample: function init() math.randomseed(math.random()*os.time()) end
    • Goal: You will be able to re-init it without predictability problem.
    • Note: include it in the jail (and catch the randomseed to forbid re-init)
  • love strict framework
    • Goal: show warning or raise error when we do something ugly like :
      • require("module.lua") --> must use require("module")
      • use of draw functions outside of the love.draw (strict way = disable draw function outside of love.draw)
      • abuse of global variables (Use strict module and declare global variables)
      • use of module() deprecated use (recode your module!)
      • use of file name with cases, prefer full lower case (rename your file!)
      • use of creation of new object every frames. How detect that ?
      • ...
  • ACL lib
    • Status: idea
    • Goal: be able to use Access Control List configuration
    • Usefull for lot of my security projects


local a = vlc.acl(true) -> new ACL with default set to allow
a:check("") -> 0 == allow, 1 == deny, -1 == error
a("") -> same as a:check("")
a:duplicate() -> duplicate ACL object
a:add_host("",true) -> allow
a:add_net("",24,true) -> allow (not sure) 
a:load_file("/path/to/acl") -> load ACL from file

Others idea projects

  • love API patch (see love.screen ...)
    • - newFrameBuffer internaly catch error (return nil on error).
    • - add missing screen/graphics functions (getFsaa, getVsync, ...)
    • - add missing filesystem functions (getIdentity)
    • - and more ...

  • input layout
    • Goal: be able to manage keyboard : French, English, ... also maybe manage mouse with more than 3 ou 5 buttons.
  • multi-love (lib)
    • Goal: be able to run multiple (windowed) love program and link them together.
    • Goal: be able to link (over network/LUBE?) multiple love program and share actions.
  • input layer (lib)
    • Goal: be able to virtualise inputs (to have more than one mouse, one keyboard) see multi-love.

Experimentation in Future

  • drawing with z index (see Snippers Skip list and Skip list Drawing Order)
  • collision with circular zone
  • drawing only if in zone : defined a target zone, exclude outside objets from drawing process
  • proof of concept of webradio player

My work done

Currently done (not yet released) :

  • glob (lib)
    • Status : aborted (seems useless)
    • Goal: be able to support a string matching with glob pattern (like "*.txt").
  • tablesort (lib)
    • Status : Done, not released yet (still buggy)
    • Goal: be able to make a for loop with keys on arbitrary/custom order.
  • bench (lib)
    • Status : Done, not released yet
    • Goal: a simple way (in pur lua) to run n times the same function and calculate the average time elapsed per iteration. Usefull to compare performance of 2 differents versions of the same function.
  • chrono (lib)
    • Status : Done, not released yet
    • Goal: run a start, some code, stop, see the time between the start and stop (in microseconds, milliseconds, seconds, ...)


  • english-french translation of documentation/tutorials/...


My threads


wiki doc TODO list

My steps to learn lua and love

Personal reminder

  • repair my 2nd computer and run the test on windows and linux
    • Status : in progress