Available since LÖVE 0.8.0
This type is not supported in earlier versions.

A WeldJoint essentially glues two bodies together.


love.physics.newWeldJoint A WeldJoint essentially glues two bodies together. Added since 0.8.0


Joint:destroy Explicitly destroys the Joint.
Joint:getAnchors Get the anchor points of the joint.
Joint:getBodies Gets the bodies that the Joint is attached to. Added since 0.9.2
Joint:getCollideConnected Gets whether the connected Bodies collide.
Joint:getReactionForce Returns the reaction force on the second body.
Joint:getReactionTorque Returns the reaction torque on the second body.
Joint:getType Gets a string representing the type.
Joint:getUserData Returns the Lua value associated with this Joint. Added since 0.9.2
Joint:isDestroyed Gets whether the Joint is destroyed. Added since 0.9.2
Joint:setCollideConnected Sets whether the connected Bodies should collide with each other. Removed in 0.8.0
Joint:setUserData Associates a Lua value with the Joint. Added since 0.9.2
WeldJoint:getDampingRatio Returns the damping ratio of the joint. Added since 0.8.0
WeldJoint:getFrequency Returns the frequency. Added since 0.8.0
WeldJoint:setDampingRatio Sets a new damping ratio. Added since 0.8.0
WeldJoint:setFrequency Sets a new frequency. Added since 0.8.0


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