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by rhezalouis
Sat Nov 26, 2011 5:45 pm
Forum: Support and Development
Topic: New, can someone fix this?
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Re: New, can someone fix this?

Hi miz656, Anything you put directly in the main.lua (i.e. outside any functions) would be interpreted as soon as löve load that file (cmiiw). Your source s is initiated in the love.load() so you could only work on that variable after that initiation i.e e.g. in love.load() after that line. function...
by rhezalouis
Wed Nov 23, 2011 9:39 pm
Forum: Support and Development
Topic: Particle System Explanation needed
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Re: Particle System Explanation needed

Hi LuaWeaver,

Please take a look at the attached *.love file and follow the comments on the essential functions for a basic ParticleSystem. I hope they could shed some light on this topic. ^^
by rhezalouis
Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:24 am
Forum: Support and Development
Topic: Drawing Images
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[Response]Your Image is Overdrawn

Hi Nickmaster24, You overdraw both your image and your rectangle with the rectangle at the commented line below: if GameMode == "playing" then for i = 1, 40 do for o = 1, 15 do local t = TheGrid[i] or {} Color = CellRender(t[o]) if Color == 0 then 150, 150, 150, 255 )
by rhezalouis
Thu May 26, 2011 8:44 am
Forum: General
Topic: Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold
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Duke Nukem Forever has gone gold

See ars technica.

Hey, how are you people?

Iirc, LÖVE's development roadmap is somehow related to Duke Nukem Forever, anyone? ^^

Best wishes,
by rhezalouis
Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:32 am
Forum: Support and Development
Topic: What am I doing wrong here?
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[Response] Class and Inheritance in Lua

Hi Jasoco, But that's what I'm trying to do. Create an enemy from a set of enemy types. Each type needs to have its own functions for stuff. I don't know how to use metatables. Even after reading the official documentation on I guess the problem to understand this feature is because there a...
by rhezalouis
Tue Mar 29, 2011 2:47 pm
Forum: Support and Development
Topic: Physics shapes issue
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[Response]Non-destructive Solution?

Hi v1rr3n, The sensor would only appear when a key is pressed and disappear when released (created and destroyed). Basically it is simulating a punch or melee attack. Is it acceptable to use shape mask to skip collision instead of destroying the shape? Basically, the shape you mask is instructed to ...
by rhezalouis
Fri Aug 06, 2010 6:30 am
Forum: Libraries and Tools
Topic: Circlefade
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Hi rawr! :ultrahappy: It's impressive! I like this! :awesome: Wow, it looks like bokeh when you run the mouse wildly. :P screenCapture.PNG I am not an expert at this, but I hope some of these are useful: ^^ --love.load spacing = .1 --love.update counter = counter + 1 Here, you increase counter by 1,...
by rhezalouis
Wed Aug 04, 2010 3:24 pm
Forum: Support and Development
Topic: I'm not trying to index a field! [solved]
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Tesselode wrote:

Code: Select all

That's "phsyics" instead of "physics"; are you sure this "love.physics.newBody" is not mistyped on your code?
by rhezalouis
Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:45 pm
Forum: General
Topic: Post ranks
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Re: Post ranks

May I stay to be a good citizen when I pass that 100 posts? I don't really like parties. :P
by rhezalouis
Wed Aug 04, 2010 12:18 pm
Forum: General
Topic: Introducing myself
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Re: Introducing myself

The letters... such a hideous font! :cry: I agree. That font is quite horrible. Here, some google links: Link1 Uhmm, the font is Consolas. It is the #2 on that list on the link you've given me. But apparently, I have turned off the clearType rendering. Hahaha. Thanks for the comments and links, now...