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Dingoo love.filesystem problem

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2013 6:02 am
by DumpOnIt
Hello! I just got my Dingoo A320 working with Open Dinugux recently, and I'm working on a game that writes text to a file. It works on the computer fine, but when I try it on the Dingoo using love.filesystem.write, it says: Could not set write directory. Is there a way to make it work, I'm dying to make some sweet handheld games! :)

Edit: I lied a bit-- I'm not having a problem with a game, but I'm making a little text editor for the Dingoo that uses a fun input scheme! I attached the download, you can use it my adding a link to nlove.dge with the parameters /games/lovemaking/ and setting the icon to the icon.png in the lovemaking folder! Test it on the computer by using love 7.0.0 and changing the settings.lua file to use the "PC" control scheme!

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