nlove (LOVE2D) for Dingoo & Caanoo Handheld

A port replacing OpenGL and OpenAL with SDL. Now defunct.

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Re: nlove (LOVE2D) for Dingoo & Caanoo Handheld

Post by PeekPoke »

Hi SiENcE,

Sorry for the Noob question...
I Got my Caanoo yesterday.
But when I put NLöve in the APP folder nothing Happens.
NLöve doesn't appear in the APP folder of the Caanoo so I can't launch it.
I downloaded this file : .

Thank you very much for your help. :o:
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Re: nlove (LOVE2D) for Dingoo & Caanoo Handheld

Post by Jasoco »

So what's the current status of this? Which device is better and does Löve run well enough on them yet?
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Re: nlove (LOVE2D) for Dingoo & Caanoo Handheld

Post by SiENcE »

It depends ;-).

The Dingoo is smaller. On Dingoo you can use the custon Linux OpenDingux but you can only have a passiv Enternet-Over-USB connection to exchange data (or via miniSD-card).

The Caanoo is a lot bigger and has no real Nintendo like pad. But the Caanoo has an true USB-Port where you can connect a Wifi-Dongle/Mass-Storage/USB-Hub/Keyboard/Mice/etc. It comes with preinstalled Linux and a developer SDK.

But both devices are nearly 2-4 years old. So i think the developer support gone.

nLöve runs on both devices with SDL. It's the same codebase. But some things are not supported (like particles).

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