nlöve for the OpenPandora Handheld

A port replacing OpenGL and OpenAL with SDL. Now defunct.

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nlöve for the OpenPandora Handheld

Post by synkro »

On my way to build löve for the OpenPandora I tried (successfully) to build nlöve. Grab it here as the forum does not allow .pnd-files. I have no camera, so nothing to share but the .PND This is just a proof-of-concept as I am not going to build any further (improved) versions for the Pandora. I will try to build the complete real deal, true löve, even so I am currently stuck.

So have fun, if you have a Pandora. Keep in mind there is no front end and no way to load custom löve (None I know of, as you have the .pns, maybe you might find a way).

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Re: nlöve for the OpenPandora Handheld

Post by kalle2990 »

Interesting, even though I don't own a OpenPandora myself. One thing that is cool which this device is that it runs on the same platform as an Android (ARM), I'm not very hyped in native code development but I think it will be some reusable parts in this for some potential Android port.. :3

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