Love-native-android - Development

A project to port LÖVE to Android handhelds
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Re: Love-native-android - Development

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Moe wrote:Sorry, I haven't been a lot at home the last two weeks. I think that I will have more time in the next weeks.
Anyway, if you want to join and help you will need to be familiar with C/C++. You need to understand the original Löve code if some changes are necessary. E.g. we will need to store the (complete) Löve state when the application moves into the background and restore it when it comes to the foreground again. So first thing would be that you get known to C/C++ very well. I don't think that we will have time to teach you this.
Of course you don't need to teach me any languages, that's way too much to ask. But if the C/C++ skills required are that big, I probably can't be much of help, at least not now. That's too bad.

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