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diodontidae necandi - for LudumDare 14

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 12:52 pm
by athanazio
as result for my participation in the LudumDare 14,
here is the diodontidae necandi !! ... l-version/
how_to_play.png (120.76 KiB) Viewed 1898 times
You control a diodontidae fish that needs to kill the pigs that are trashing the sea,
eat the garbage at the end of the sea, and throw batteries on the pigs !

cheers ...

Re: diodontidae necandi - for LudumDare 14

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:15 pm
by bartbes
I already played it (from the ludum dare thread) I took some time before I realized I had to throw batteries at the pigs, but it was fun afterwards.

Re: diodontidae necandi - for LudumDare 14

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:59 pm
by athanazio
here are my lessons learned notes from this game =)

lessons learned
1. create the menu navigation at the start of the competition

As I was fighting agains some physics problems during the development process most of the menu was left behind. Then I realized 30 minutes to the end that my menu would be an image =) and a play button...

The lesson on this would be, use time in the middle of the nightmares to do these brainless activities, because what can go wrong while build a menu ? =)

2. draw in the paper build and color in the computer

That helped alot, I save my day manipulate the lines with inkscape, but ... in order to slice images I have a nightmare with inkscape, go with Gimp works as a breeze

3. dont split images, let the engine split for you

ahhhh I spend some hours cutting images lol !!, could use something like to draw a subsprite of the image ...

4. make physics work for you

Oh Well after the physics hit me in the head, I learned some details and was able to make it work in a decent way, special note for the boats that hang around over the sea, for that I created a sequence of x,y that is the path to the boats, and I try to follow the path, I believe if I make the water line as an object and change its group to only colide with the boat would be the best to move the boat around.

5. clean the tables in one place only.

Not sure why, buit when I was removing items from my objects list in teh collision handler the LOVE was just crashing ... workaroiund that I found : flag to items to be removed and remove in the update() method and one by one from each table, this is call at the end of the update() for each cleanable table :

Code: Select all

--- clean the tables
function cleanTable(table2Clean)

    for n=1,table.getn(table2Clean),1 do 
    	if table2Clean[n].dirty ~= nill then 
        	table.remove( table2Clean, n )
and at the collision handler, I dont remove the pig from the list, just flag it
and I believe that this would be a nice way to animate the pig booom =)
by using a multistate, like alive/almost dead/dying/im outa here :)
would change the image section, or play an animation ... and at the end remove from the list
that would be great ...

Code: Select all

function killThePig( id ) audioCollision, 1 )
	pigsKilled = pigsKilled +1
	for n=1,table.getn(pigs),1 do 
	    if pigs[n].poly:getData() == id then
			pigs[n].dirty = true

6. reusable files should be in a folder

I'm using for labels the .lua classes that I made called LOVEly-eyes, but I had this problem with the Text object that wasnt transparent ... Oh well I went in the code changed the super class, Rectangle to handle this and the Text is transparent by default, cool, but but but ... :) after that I just copied all the files from the LOVEly-eyes folder to my game folder ... too bad because I copied a main.lua file together ... If I wasnt using subversion would be a nightmare ... now LOVELy-eyes are in a separated folder =)

7. use a version control system

I used subversion, saved me when I made an stupid folder copy ... revert and just lost some minutes of work... bu remember keep on committing =)

8. put together a zip with everything

Better that just the .love file, create a package with the execs, the best would be create an installer.

9. level up level up !!!

people like rewards, so more than the score I should add level concept, just with faster attack of the pigs, or a different scenario with different speed .. hummmm that would be cool a .lua file for each level :)

10. collision has 2 sides ... A and B

It took me some time to realize that A and B collision data, first they are the DATA from the polygon nothing else, just disconnected data, not a reference, not and pointer ... hehehhe string data what makes very nice and unplugged from the code, and you have to test both sides, if wherever A colide on B and the oposite, this was my colision code

Code: Select all

function collision(a, b, c)

	if string.starts(a, "pig") and string.starts(b, "battery") then 
		killThePig( a )
		removeTheBattery( b )
	elseif string.starts(b, "pig") and string.starts(a, "battery") then 
		killThePig( b )
		removeTheBattery( a )
	elseif a == DIODONTIDAE and string.starts(b, "food") then 
		eatFood( b )
    elseif b == DIODONTIDAE and string.starts(a, "food") then 
		eatFood( a )


function string.starts(String,Start)
   return string.sub(String,1,string.len(Start))==Start
note that I used start() because I add the object id after the type, so I can grabb it from the list, something like "crap_2", "crap_3"

11. scroll the view is possible Luke... use the force !

Ha ! not the force, at the end I solved the screen scrolling with a simple solution, calculated a shif from the main character and update this shift in the update() method and every single draw has this shift. So the camera is following the character, thats stays in the screen all the time, and to avoid the char to drop outside the world I add invisible walls on left and right side and check if the cameraX is in the possible range,

this in the start of the code

Code: Select all

startCameraX = ) / 2
    startCameraY = 200
    cameraX = -startCameraX
    cameraXLimit = {}
    cameraXLimit.start  = 0
    cameraXLimit.finish = -2905

+ cameraX on each draw

Code: Select all, 
        diodontidae.theChar:getX() + cameraX,   
------ draw the batteries
    for n=1,table.getn(batteries),1 do
            batteries[n].body:getX() + cameraX, 
            batteries[n].body:getAngle() )
this on the update()

Code: Select all

    cameraX = startCameraX - diodontidae.theChar:getX()

    -- keep the camera in the boundaries
    if cameraX > cameraXLimit.start then 
    	cameraX = cameraXLimit.start
    elseif cameraX < cameraXLimit.finish then 
    	cameraX = cameraXLimit.finish

Re: diodontidae necandi - for LudumDare 14

Posted: Mon Apr 20, 2009 11:45 pm
by athanazio

Re: diodontidae necandi - for LudumDare 14

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 10:23 pm
by Garotas*Gostosas
respect! thanks for this post. really helps!

wish the other contestants could contribute their insights too! ;)

i figuered out this game intantly. but my sea never got messed up like in your video? wasn't i playing long enough? my score was 133 and i quit because i thought you just can't die... :ehem:

you question though: how did you differanciate between the batteries thrown be the pig itself (non - lethal) and the batteries pushed by the fish (lethal)? do they somehow "activate" on entering the water?

Re: diodontidae necandi - for LudumDare 14

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2009 11:27 pm
by athanazio
there is a new updated version that gets harder as the time goes ... ...

and btw i didnt diferentiate :) But I could do it by making then lethal as they colide with something else different than the pig, that would be a good upgrade
thx for the idea !

Re: diodontidae necandi - for LudumDare 14

Posted: Wed Apr 22, 2009 5:39 am
by Garotas*Gostosas
athanazio wrote:there is a new updated version that gets harder as the time goes ... ...
I'll check it out!
athanazio wrote: and btw i didnt diferentiate :)
oh... i thought when a pig throws a battery it doesnt kills an other pig when it hits it :ehem: gonna check this version out, too!