[LD #29] Killer Without Color

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[LD #29] Killer Without Color

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As you may know, this weekend was the Ludum Dare competition. Since for once I was made aware of such a jam before it started, and having free time available, I seized the opportunity to force me to start and finish programming a game right here, right now, instead of merely thinking in-depth about how I would make one, then sighing about how many other things I want to do. Or starting a new project, stopping in the middle, and letting a couple years elapse before I resume working on it again.

Here is my submission entry. And all the posts I wrote for this compo. Of course I would like votes, but most of all, comments from people having played it. No promise that I'd take them into account (competition ended anyway), but it simply makes me feel better and more motivated to hear people tried my stuff. I also attached the .love to this post (same .love as in the .zip I submitted to #LD48 #29).

Thanks for the people from #love on irc.oftc.net for being prompt to answer all my questions about Löve that arose to me during this endeavor. The game would have been much more rough without your help.

Here is an animated screenshot of it:

Killer Without Color LD05.love
Made for Löve 0.9.0, but compatible with 0.9.1.
(1.46 MiB) Downloaded 107 times
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