Parallaxed / scrolling starfield

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Parallaxed / scrolling starfield

Post by unixfreak »

Here's a scrolling starfield, probably useful for side scrolling space shooters (all CC-BY-SA / GPL), most of the image assets are from opengameart :awesome:

There are 4 object types which are spawned randomly based on a seed:
- Nebulae
- Planet
- Star
- Nova

Some screenshots here:

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image Image

Feel free to reuse the code in your own games/projects if it's of any use, but really asking for some feedback in terms of whether anyone likes this effect for generating a background scene.

Press [ or ] to change scroll speed, or press J to reseed the starfield. :

Also please note it is only optimized for 1920x1080 fullscreen, it may look odd on any other resolution (sorry about that).

I have been slowly working on a game using this here (although i haven't got very far with it as of yet):
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Re: Parallaxed / scrolling starfield

Post by xNick1 »

That looks great!
Wonderful job, man!
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Re: Parallaxed / scrolling starfield

Post by Beelz »


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if self:hasBeer() then self:drink()
else self:getBeer() end
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Re: Parallaxed / scrolling starfield

Post by Mutos »

Hi unixfreak,

Nice ! NIce ! Nice !

I keep it preciously and will remember to ask you for advices if I ever want to include a starfield in a game (which will eventually happen one day) !
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Re: Parallaxed / scrolling starfield

Post by varpeti »

What a nice job, man!
Sry4MyBadEng :3
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Re: Parallaxed / scrolling starfield

Post by steVeRoll »

Very beautiful and atmospheric! (no pun intended :P )
Great work!
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