Conquest of Durgan Kal

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Conquest of Durgan Kal

Post by moikmellah » Mon Jan 01, 2018 5:53 am

Greets! Conquest of Durgan Kal is an open-source Metroidvania with procedurally generated dungeons, assembled from a variety of premade rooms. The engine portion of the project is licensed MIT and the data portion is licensed under CC-By-SA-4.0. Controls are as follows:
  • Attack/Accept: S,D,F; Gamepad X,Y,A
  • Jump/Cancel: Space; Gamepad B
  • Move: Arrows; Gamepad D-Pad
  • Block: R; Gamepad LB
  • Menu: Esc; Gamepad Start
  • Inventory: Enter; Gamepad Select
Other notes:
  • Press Up to open treasure chests, and Down to collect items.
  • When playing for the first time, or selecting New Game, it'll freeze for a bit. That's normal - I haven't implemented a good loading bar during dungeon generation yet.
  • The game is in an early state; there's no real endpoint to the dungeons, and no way to save your game yet. For now you can only explore, fight, and collect weapons.
  • Key bindings can be reconfigured by editing the file 'durgankal/InputBindings.xml' in your Love save directory.
  • You can see a full map of the current dungeon in the directory '%LOVESAVEDIR%/durgankal/modules/durgankal/maps/A'.
  • Rooms types get pretty repetitive, as there are only so many premade rooms right now.
Upcoming features on my roadmap:
  • Class system with unlockable skill trees
  • Magic and other class abilities
  • Throw and Perfect Guard play mechanics
  • More diverse enemies: Different goblin types will have specific weapons/abilities, and appropriate AI
  • Other enemies: animals, demons, undead, and more!
  • More content: more room types, boss encounters, locks/keys, etc.
  • Shop system
  • Potions and other usable items
  • Other equipment types (armor, accessories, etc.)
  • Probably other stuff
Thanks for playing!
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Re: Conquest of Durgan Kal

Post by kbmonkey » Mon Jan 01, 2018 10:05 am

The art is real tidy and has a nice color palette and the controls handle pretty good too. There is a 7 second wait after selecting "new game" which made me think the game hung. You have the start of a nice game here, keep up the good work!

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Re: Conquest of Durgan Kal

Post by MadByte » Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:30 am

That looks like a solid foundation! :)
I'm not a fan of that type of game but it looks and feels good (good graphics and animations; responsive controls).
I like the procedual room selection, but It may needs more work later on, to balance out the difficulty.
The inventory looks good too, but may be a bit fiddly to use. Also it could use some slot highlighting when a specific item is selected. It already got the icons but it was more trial and error on my side to find the right slot.

What I don't like is your control scheme (keyboard and controller). It's not intuitive enough. I tried to open a chest for a couple minutes and failed. (I found the explaination in the OP afterwards). You could double-bind the attack key/button and let it interact with stuff when the player is in range. Same goes for picking up items. It may be some more work in the code, but it would be worth it imho.
Apart from that I found the in-game music kinda annoying. Not sure what it is but It didn't sound right to me.

Last but not least I experienced two bugs:
I don't know how to reproduce the first one but I tried some keys in the main menu and something about "md" is nil showed up I think. I closed it too fast, sorry about that :D
The second problem is that the player sometimes keeps moving right if I use the left thumbstick on my controller and I can't stop the right movement anymore.

ah, and you could add an image of your game to the OP as well to (potentially) get more feedback. :)

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Re: Conquest of Durgan Kal

Post by jojomickymack » Mon Jan 01, 2018 11:13 pm

Wow! I was expecting for this to be somewhat of a first draft, but this is really polished and advanced! I was checking around trying to figure out how it worked and realized that 'the SYPHA engine' is your creation! Incredible!

I also was a little confused by the controls and it seemed strange to me to press escape to start the game. I want to give you kudos for setting up gamepad support here because it really enhances the experience to play with a gamepad. I also think how you display labels on things is really stylish - I love seeing increased damage inflicted on enemies when I've got a weapon equipped. Bravo - this is a very enjoyable game I will certainly continue playing later.

One thing I might recommend as an enhancement to keep people playing is to give some in-game tips on controls when 'new game' is selected, also, the tileset used initially (brown walls, brown platforms) are kind of boring to look at and if there was a little more diversity in level art in the first level I'm certain it would keep people playing if they were just checking it out.

Most importantly, it's fun! The basic battle mechanic and platforming is solid and I'll keep going with it! The music is really good actually, I think if the baseline had a different tone it would be easier to listen to for extended periods. it's really just the baseline instrument that gets annoying.

I was noticing when using the gamepad that it would get stuck pulling to the left, it seemed to correct itself with more input but it might be a bug, I'll let you know if it persists.

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Re: Conquest of Durgan Kal

Post by KayleMaster » Tue Jan 02, 2018 7:36 pm

The menu is really hard to navigate with a keyboard (and impossible with a mouse).
Looks good. The attack animation could use a couple more frames.

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Re: Conquest of Durgan Kal

Post by kikito » Wed Jan 03, 2018 4:04 pm

The worst for now is the UI. It took me a couple tries just to start the game, a while to figure out how to equip weapons. I had been using my fists so when I realized how to equip the vine wip I was already almost dead.

The player's slow horizontal movement makes me a bit nervous. Maybe because I realize that if he's got legs strong enough to jump so high, he should be able to move a bit faster :D

The art style is nice.

I liked the music. The intro text can be read as if it was the lyrics of the intro song, at least at the beginning. Was this on purpose?
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