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Top Battle

Posted: Sun Feb 25, 2018 9:57 am
by Mehawesome
Hello there, this is a game that I've been working on and off for some time and after showing it to my cousins i feel like it's ready for release.
Basically this is a simple 2 player game where the players fight to the death and there's an inventory where you can store up to 8 items.
So far this game has 5 items, only one map and it is a bit rough, so i'm looking towards to improving it rewriting the whole project, the code is terrible.

Don't expect anything good.

Controls(can be redefined):

f1 - changes screen size
esc - pause / enter key rebind menu

Player 1
W A S D - move
J - fire (equip or use in inventory mode)
K - enter / exit inventory mode
L - enter aiming mode (drop in inventory mode)

Player 2
arrow keys - move
number pad 4 - fire (equip or use in inventory mode)
number pad 5 - enter / exit inventory mode
number pad 6 - enter aiming mode (drop in inventory mode)

You can add music in %appdata%/Roaming/LOVE/Top Battle/sound/(music_title or music_game)

Change log:
  • 0.1.1
    - Added a end screen as a replacement to the text log
    - Added a "logo" to the title screen
    - Fixed a oversight where Health items won't work when players health is 100
    - Fixed a bug where items don't retain their values after being dropped
    - changing the window size is now done with F1 instead of 1
    - additional windows sizes allowed
    - window size is now saved when closing
    - added key rebinding (hold left control + tab + delete for 3 seconds in the title screen to reset)
    - changed armour calculation
    - remade barode artwork
    - Melee attacks now emit a different sound
    - Removed the Dummy map
edit 3: 0.1.1 release

0.1.1 release

Posted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 12:33 pm
by Mehawesome
Well, 0.1.1 is now released after 1 year of slacking off.
Next up on the checklist is to rewrite the game, hopefully the resulting code doesn't turn out bad enough that i have to rewrite the game again, i've already dealt with that just to fix a bug.

Postponing the project

Posted: Sat Oct 05, 2019 11:03 am
by Mehawesome
After rethinking how i want to make games, I've decided to postpone the update to work on a easier project.
Hopefully by the end of it I will have a good enough engine for use on this game.