[Blast 16] - Mega Drive/Genesis Mini emulator frontend

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[Blast 16] - Mega Drive/Genesis Mini emulator frontend

Post by molul » Tue Sep 25, 2018 9:25 am

Since June more or less I opened and replied to a few threads about building LÖVE for the Raspberry Pi (and other things like perspective effect libraries). The project was an emulator frontend based on the Mega Drive/Genesis for Raspberry Pi:

Simple UI mode (no Main, Recent and Favourites menus):

I did the graphics (I'm still not too fond of the main menu icons -_-U) and programming, and the music was written by a friend of mine who writes music for videogames (well, he's starting): Loop & Pixel

A few forum members helped me with some doubts like changing the app's data folder, and pgimeno helped me a lot with the grid perspective animation with his raycast library, apart from some performance suggestions :)

While this worked like a charm on my gaming PC, it wasn't that well on Raspberry Pi. I've written this tutorial explaining how I made my app run at ~100fps.

Now, as Sega recently announced they kicked AtGames for the Mega Drive Mini and they're doing it "in-house", my friend and I are trying to reach Sega through Twitter to offer them the UI for the console (https://twitter.com/molul82/status/1043106958218338304). It's very unlikely we'll make it, but any help (RT or comment) would be greatly appreciated :)

If we finally can't reach Sega for this, seeing that some people was interested on getting it, I'll work on making the UI available for anyone who wants to transform his Raspberry into a Mega Drive Mini :3

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