Late Night Hunterz / first post

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Late Night Hunterz / first post

Post by Able » Sat Jan 19, 2019 7:38 am

This game is purely one of me getting familiar with love before i start the game i want to build (which i am now on)
I feel I should post it somewhere though as its at least worth a laugh. Built it while listening to Theo Vaughn go on about 'late night hunters' and tree boobs. If you give this game a whirl let me know if you luck beasts get over this lvl 100 mafia kings score of 15 :cool:

Thank you guys so much for bothering to develop this engine its fun to use and i'm excited to build something that's exciting to play

PS, inside the folder theres a nice pic of some bamboo if u want it.

also also if you like the music and would like some for your own project shoot me a message i don't mind lending a hand at all.

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