They See Us

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They See Us

Post by tentus »

So, I made this rudimentary roguelike for last year's love jam, and totally forgot to make a thread for it. After the jam I came back and made a bunch of fixes and additions, including coming back earlier today and making a version compatible with Love 11.

If anyone finds any bugs please let me know, I'm not really planning to add any more features at this point but I'd like to keep this functional so it can act as a reference.
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Re: They See Us

Post by karolek »

Nice, quite finished as for gamejam. Had some fun with killing the cows, making them run into each other or happy little spikes :) Great audio and visuals, animations and terrain. Gameplay and interactions weren't so interesting though, felt just as an ordinary pac-man clone.
I encountered some heavy frame freezes but no bugs. Good luck in this year's jamming!
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