Save the Zombies

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Save the Zombies

Post by semordnilap »

Hi everyone!

I started playing around with Lua recently. This is what I came up so far.

It has the same mechanics of space invaders more or less. You are a Zombie, stop the heroes from reaching your outpost and kill all the zombies.


- Arrow keys to move
- S to spit
- D to launch a spit bomb
- P to pause

How you die:

- if an enemy touches you
- if your LP go to 0 (enemies passing the border deal 10 dmgs)

There is for now just one bonus (extra spit bomb) that randomly appears after 50 kills. I plan on adding some for lower recoil and faster movement.

It is playable, although I would like to improve some stuff.

I used free sprites for this project, only the particles were "drawn" by me.

I am not from a CS background but I have been programming for a year now, so some things like creating and managing classes is still kind of difficult to grasp at times.

What I would like to improve:

- Single animations for hits and other events ( I apparently can't figure out how to make something appear and disappear after only one animation cicle)

- Improve the collisions, as of now the checkcoll.lua is a huge messy function.

Hope you like it and I'm looking forward to some feedback.
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Re: Save the Zombies

Post by karolek »

Hey semordnilap!
Nice game for a start. I gave it a go and spent a few funny minutes :)

Crisp and colourful choice for visuals, but it would be a lot better with sound effects (and, as you said, some animation).
As for the bugs, I think there is a problem with launching spit bombs, I had to click a few times to make it work. Also, the colliders do not match with the sprites, spits seem to disappear to early.
The font rendering needs work, it breaks the effect of the rest of the visual part.

Gameplay – good starting point to future projects. Nothing too special, but it's nice that you've put some variety into enemies.
I hope you learned a lot programming your game and keep it up for future projects!

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