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Love logos and graphics

Post by Simtex »

I really enjoy the various logos and graphics that Love has scattered around this site (and the old site).

First of all, who did them? Nice job whoever you are.

Second of all, would it be possible to get raw versions in a decent size? I grabbed the Love logo itself from the logo downloads that were offered on the previous site, so that is taken care of, but I'd like to get my hands on larger, separate versions of the "happy hills", rainbows, and other assorted graphics. I saved the background off this website, but the size isn't so great and everything is mixed and overlayed already.

My purpose for collecting these is because I'm creating a Love "intro" screen for my game and I'd like for it to have the same visual look as you see here.
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Re: Love logos and graphics

Post by TechnoCat »

All of the images found in the Love "No game" screen are actually available in the Love binary if you know how to load them in. And yes, it includes happy hills.

And where it came from: ... lua#cl-345
0.6.2 TankYou screen. ripped directly from source.
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Re: Love logos and graphics

Post by valacar »

Hi all...first post :awesome: I just wanted to add another version of the that TechnoCat posted. The main difference is just that I included all the PNG image files so they could be modified or viewed. I also modified the code slightly because there was no longer a need to use the decode function that read the embedded PNG images, and I added to set the title because love.conf() didn't seem to do it. Lastly I added code so you could exit the intro by pressing escape, and by pressing 'r' you can reload the intro. I take no credit for this of course, but perhaps the extracted PNG images will be helpful to the original poster.
"Tank you" intro from LÖVE v0.6.2 (includes extracted PNG images)
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