What's everyone working on? (tigsource inspired)

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Re: What's everyone working on? (tigsource inspired)

Post by megalukes »

Creating some actions for each character in map and adding nice animations to them. It still needs some more tweaking but i's going nicely. I'm also learning how to use shaders to create better looking (but simple) effects (the tracing effect was done with shaders and tweening).
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Re: What's everyone working on? (tigsource inspired)

Post by Ulydev »

Making an online, turn-based strategy shooter for #makeitsuperhot

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Re: What's everyone working on? (tigsource inspired)

Post by roccdcasbah »

Im currently working on a peaceful top-down puzzle game.

Yesterday I implemented a teleport device that can either teleport you around in a 5x5 grid or switch any block around in the same grid.
The game is tilebased and Im trying to make use of visual candy to make it a bit more interesting for ZE EYES! Third party libraries used are Shine, light_world and Shack! Pretty happy with the prototype and those who have tried the demo thought it was fun. Next step is DRYing the code and make it more scalable.

heres som really bad gifs with some blocky placeholder graphics, demonstrating some simple puzzle solving and the teleport device!
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Re: What's everyone working on? (tigsource inspired)

Post by Echo13243 »

A dumb ms-paint graphics 15 tile puzzle that isn't working
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Re: What's everyone working on? (tigsource inspired)

Post by MasterLee »

Tile/Map editor, which can be entirely operated with keyboard. Also supporting fours colors per palette and 32 palettes to choose from per tile.
Only 16x16 Tile size but nice Island:
Bildschirmfoto von »2017-02-21 18-41-38«.png
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With wrong colors
Bildschirmfoto von »2017-02-21 18-46-07«.png
Bildschirmfoto von »2017-02-21 18-46-07«.png (16.88 KiB) Viewed 3905 times
And here the tileset editor where you can choose from an total of 256 tiles
Bildschirmfoto von »2017-03-10 11-53-11«.png
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On left an right you see an tilemap where for each cell an tile and palette can be choosen also it is possible to flip an tile horizontal, vertical and diagonal.
Rendering of tilemap is done using fragmentshader and special prepared images

Code: Select all

    extern vec2 offset;
    extern vec2 size;
    extern vec2 mapsize;
    extern sampler2D tiles;
    extern sampler2D palette;
    vec4 effect(vec4 color,Image texture,vec2 texture_coords,vec2 pixel_coords)
      vec4 cell=Texel(texture,floor(texture_coords)/mapsize);
      vec2 pixelpos=mod(texture_coords,1);
      return Texel(palette,vec2(cell.b,Texel(tiles,pixelpos/16+cell.rg).r));
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Re: What's everyone working on? (tigsource inspired)

Post by Link30 »

I am working on my first project in LUA which will probably be some kind of turn based tactical game, I am not sure yet. It is hex tile based, I am pretty much done with the pathfinder, although I am still not sure how to weight the Heuristics, you can see when I change its value it changes its behaviour to either Dijkstra’s Algorithm or Best-First-Search. When I finalize what the movement costs are like I will probably finalize it or make it dynamicly change or smth.
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Re: What's everyone working on? (tigsource inspired)

Post by tapir »

We are working on a M.U.L.E clone. Here are some mockups.


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Re: What's everyone working on? (tigsource inspired)

Post by Davidobot »

A game about dying a lot and discovering that you have been betrayed.
My projects: Raycaster, love.js v11.3 port
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My website: link
My library: LovelyMoon
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Re: What's everyone working on? (tigsource inspired)

Post by mtdev »

Not entirely sure what it is yet :awesome: ... Thinking something similar to ICE but most likely will end up a half finished hard drive waster.
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Re: What's everyone working on? (tigsource inspired)

Post by Whatthefuck »

I decided to add a small gameplay mechanic - books and bookshelves - to my game dev sim game

books provide boosts to experience gain in skills
the boosts are provided regardless of where the bookshelf is, as long as it is reachable

each bookshelf can contain a maximum of 3 books, each book increases experience gain of a skill by 5%, there are a total of 3 books for each skill

that translates to a maximum of a 15% skill experience gain boost if all books are placed in bookshelves

it's a cool little feature that is beneficial to all employees within the office and is another way of spending money for the player :)
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