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Re: LOVE users map

Post by bartbes »

But google maps claims it's 115 miles west-northwest of Madison…
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Re: LOVE users map

Post by CoffeeCoder »

Ah, it would seem that in my previous post I neglected to mention that the place I linked to is, in fact, not my actual location. I am in fact located roughly 37-42ish miles south of Madison, Wisconsin, USA, just above a small little town which everybody mispronounces when attempting to speak its name.

Also Google Maps is quite wrong in how far away I am from Belgium, it is indeed 4,107 miles from here.

I do wonder what it would be like to live in Belgium though. :P

EDIT: Oh duh I completely forgot there is a town called Belgium in my state. :ultrahappy: In my defense I have only lived here five years. :P
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Re: LOVE users map

Post by radgeRayden »

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil :)
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Re: LOVE users map

Post by Alexar »

Chengdu,China...unfortunately, some of the sites including are blocked in our country, we can't even link to googlecode except using VPN :cry:
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Re: LOVE users map

Post by unek »

updated again!
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Re: LOVE users map

Post by HumanRegret »

Sydney, Australia :)
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Re: LOVE users map

Post by Mollrow »

Chicago, IL United States

4001 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60613 (a nearby cemetery)
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Re: LOVE users map

Post by shru »

Please mark me down at Lake Vostok, Antarctica.
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Re: LOVE users map

Post by Nelvin »

Weil am Rhein, Germany
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Re: LOVE users map

Post by PGUp »

Riau, Indonesia
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