Trying the new stuff in 0.11.0

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Re: Trying the new stuff in 0.11.0

Post by zorg » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:53 pm

jack0088 wrote:
Sat Nov 11, 2017 8:44 pm
1) Are QSources any different in control options than regular SoundData? I mean why can I not use QSource:rewind() for example (throws error)?
I ask this because if I store the individual 1 second buffers into a table and want to play them as one single snippet at once, I have to chain them through a QSource. And if I do so I maybe want to pause or seek position or rewind..
2) Is there any access to binary information of SoundData so that I could to write it out to files?
I saw the original questions, and i will answer them since that's beneficial to others as well.

1. Yes they are, but it's a bit in-depth; OpenAl(soft)'s spec or the löve source code may help there.
You either implement controls for QSources yourself, use a library for that which doesn't exist (yet), or you could try combining all the sounddata into one, but that's filling your RAM basically.
2. Yes, you can get the data as string with :getString i believe.
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