The Complete Works of Santos

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The Complete Works of Santos

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I wanted to have one place which links to everything I've helped make, so here it is. :crazy:

One-page LÖVE API reference
Tutorials for making simple games with LÖVE
Introduction to LÖVE

Code explanations:
Rebound's particle effects
Sprite sheet maker
Recursive resource loading function
Recursive require function
INI file reader/writer
Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm
Caesar cipher chapter of "Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python" translated to Lua

Other stuff:
Library for changing colors
Particle system playground
An older version of LÖVE's ParticleSystem written in Lua
A Lua "game framework" with 10 functions, 3 callbacks, and 3 settings

Everything I've done is public domain, please feel free to do whatever you want with anything.

I've also shared a few thoughts on the issue tracker, lots of them quite misguided. My gratitude to the devs for their openness to ideas and their patience in explaining things, and, of course, for being the devs.
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