Rate my project(on a game design perspective.)

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Re: Rate my project(on a game design perspective.)

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The most important thing is still to have a simple base idea for a game, you are thinking way way to far into details, those come later.
Say you simplify it some more and for example as the very basics of the game if it's on mobile tap the upper left and right side for a punch and the lower left and right for dodging to the side, you need to program a very simple frame of mechanics before going into characters or other complex things, hell if you want a good AI isn't even needed from the start, make a timer variable that just throws a left punch every 2 seconds so you can just test things, remember with AI: a unbeatable AI is easy to make, a fun AI that challenges you needs flaws which take planning, and one to test can be basically nothing.
Just get punching down to start with though, work your way up and build on your game, it definitely seems you are new at this, there are lots of people that are even willing to help you with solutions for small bit's of code on here, there is good documentation for things (Personally I would recommend http://sheepolution.com/learn/book/contents). But the bottom line is to start off at a approachable short term goal, probably no more than a month if you haven't done a fully fledged project yet, and doing polishing on small projects and setting a time to drop them is immensely important, you can modify a little pong game forever, but why not move up to the next step, it looks like you have a general idea, or a good amount of computer knowledge, make sure you set a good and reachable goal.
As far as artwork that probably isn't the best option either, right now you just need some insanely simple sprites; a box for the torso, a box for the neck and head, a box for the hips, a box for upper arms and a box for lower arms, a box for hands and feet, and a box for lower legs and upper legs.
You need a base position, a windup position for each attack, a hit frame for each attack, and a recovery pose for each attack (this includes the dodging), so you will need a total of 16 sprites and then just flip them for player 2 (don't even make a new image just code them like that). REMEMBER: PROOF OF CONCEPT.
Best of luck to you, message me on here if you want help or anything, best of luck to you.
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Re: Rate my project(on a game design perspective.)

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Ok, your advice is really nice and motivating, you got really a point here. I'm going to follow your saying and keep it simple.
I don't have much problems with coding. Six months ago, i would really stumble on this kind of project, but i've really improved. No, my real problem is game design, but now i have a few leads thanks to all of you.
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