The Perfect Game !

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The Perfect Game !

Post by Lovingsoul1337 »

Yesterday i tought about these Question, what would create the most perfect Game ?

I think that is a Question every Game Designer should ask hisself !

And i came up to a good way to improve your Game:

What is the goal of the Game ?
How can i reach it ?
Create the most fun engaging way to reach the goal in a setting you choose !


A good game !

enjoy !

You got good simple hints for a good game ?

Michael !
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Re: The Perfect Game !

Post by Darlex »

Make something that is fun and remember that DIFFICULTY isnt always FUN.
Any idea with the correct implementation will be a good game and any good idea with a bad implementation will be a bad game.
Make the players feel a specific (range of) emotion(s), so your game can be more engaging.
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Re: The Perfect Game !

Post by zorg »

People have affinities for different genres, but merging everything together into one game would in most cases not satisfy anyone.

Also, i'd say make the "perfect", or at least your best attempt at a game for yourself first, then think about whether others would/could enjoy it too, and tweak it if you get enough useful feedback. (do think about accessibility as well, if you want to; sound cues, avoiding fast flashes, colorblind mode, etc.)

Oh, and on the technical side of things, lots of options to sate people who would dislike the game because of minor nitpicks; no fullscreen, only fullscreen, game locks cursor, game doesn't lock cursor, etc. ... also remappable inputs.
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Re: The Perfect Game !

Post by milon »

My tips:

1. There's no such thing as "perfect"
I've witnessed too many (hobby) devs spending too much time worrying about making something exactly right, and as a result they're constantly reworking/discarding/abandoning things. Abandon the idea of "perfect" and aim for "good enough" - you can always work on it after you get something in place.

2. Make it Fun
Make it the kind of game you want to play and enjoy. Don't worry about what your potential players will like or not. You can't please everyone, and you shouldn't try to. Just make it fun and there will be lots of others who agree with you. And you'll have a lot more fun in the process!
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Re: The Perfect Game !

Post by closter »

What Makes the Perfect Video Game? Here is my answer
Story. It's all about story. I can tolerate games that don't have great gameplay (see my recent top 10 games for plenty of examples), as long as the story and aesthetic reel me in
The perfect video game is not the one that has the best story, the best graphics or the best gameplay
I think it's a mixture of great gameplay combined with an outstanding story, has to have the visuals/graphics to bring it all together
The best video games are the ones that can create a memorable universe with fun gameplay
Immersion, hands down.
For me, all the elements of a video game (gameplay, audio visual arts, story telling) should come together to create something greater than any one of those single elements.
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Re: The Perfect Game !

Post by Matip Brill »

For me a perfect game is the one with a well-thought gameplay and powerful community. These are the most important 2 factors that can turn any game into a perfect one, in my opinion!
Perfect power for a perfect game :cool:
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