LOVE 0.5 Mac with working .love access

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Re: LOVE 0.5 Mac with working .love access

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klopfer wrote:Could you perhaps post or send a link to the physfs library for 10.4?
In attachment libphysfs built on Intel MacBook/OSX 10.4 without any special options (i'm not sure that it has universal compatibility).
Or you can download sources here: and make it.
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Re: LOVE 0.5 Mac with working .love access

Post by klopfer »

That physfs library worked just fine on my intel mac running 10.4. Thanks.
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Re: LOVE 0.5 Mac with working .love access

Post by zeroz »

smrx wrote:Would be nice if you could also recommend a LUA-IDE at the download-page, for example Smultron (which works fine for me). (This is no advertising, it was just the first LUA-IDE i found for Mac OS X...and it's small an fast)
Hi smrx, smultron is nice, but if I can give you an advice try textmate.
It's really a killer app, I use it every day, with every kind of projects and languages. I don't remember if lua ships with the basics bundles, but once you've downloaded the software, a whole repository awaits you with a full load of bundles. It hasn't been updated since a long time (for the main thing, but you can set in the prefs for cutting-edge), and some sexy features from other editors as live search are definetly missing, but when you enter the realm of bundles, snippets and commands, you won't come back :nyu:.
I mainly goes freeware on X, but it's one of the few shareware I bought.

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Re: LOVE 0.5 Mac with working .love access

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tmm1 wrote: should be updated with instructions for OSX:
cp -R /Applications/; cat >>
This doesn't work for me. I launched the game, and game says no game. Need to find another way.
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