Which .lua Editor do you use?

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Re: Which .lua Editor do you use?

Post by osgeld »

Alex wrote: 1)Vim is a modal text editor.
2) The auto completion works by reading the words in all of the files you have open at the time. So you have to type out a function for the first time in full, but when the next time you want to type it you can auto-complete it. There probably is some way of having it read through a set of default functions, I imagine.
1) very nice

2) thats why i like the idea of DEVötiön IDE, cause its made around the love system, so it helps with "obscure" function names.
I can remember scene.update.background(layer); or anything else I wrote well before anything anyone else has written. That sends me back to the doc's, where as it would be nice to declare a love system function and have it pop up in a different color when correct ... ect
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Re: Which .lua Editor do you use?

Post by Sparx »

I use Crimson Editor... It's quite old and it's not developed any longer but free and powerfull
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Re: Which .lua Editor do you use?

Post by jaber »

using Geany in Windows XP (XP look vertically)
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Re: Which .lua Editor do you use?

Post by peplos »

In windows I use notepad++

And in linux... i can't install love, i have problem with the dependences... may be, when appear a .rpm for suse i will install it. :)
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