Am I Too Stupid?

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Am I Too Stupid?

Post by oskymosky »

this stuff is so confusing but i wanna conquer it
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Re: Am I Too Stupid?

Post by Plu »

You're probably just new to the whole thing. It's complicated at first.

Just keep trying.
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Re: Am I Too Stupid?

Post by jjmafiae »

Plu wrote:Just keep trying.
keep trying till you run out of cake.

anyway yes as Plu says keep trying it will eventually make sense.
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Re: Am I Too Stupid?

Post by Zulsorai »

The little amount of things I know about prgramming is all self taught, a good thing to do is read up on the Lua refrence Manual for an underlying knowledge of how Lua works. (I read it a couple times here and there) Take a look at some of the tutorials for Love2D and make sure to read up on the parts you don't understand, google it or ask on the forums, people are nice here. Try to learn it in steps and don't rush learning every little thing at once because it will be way too much info. Just have fun playing with what you can make, eventually you'll stumble on more and more info and everything will make more sense.
Cheers and good luck.
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