Absolute beginner to programming

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Absolute beginner to programming

Post by FruitGroot »

Ive been trying to get a simple hello world to run in love2d for hours. I dont know what im doing wrong nothing i create in Zerobrane will run in Love0.10.2 , not even Zerobrane's LOVE-samples. I tried downloading a user created game from the forums to see if it was just my love file not working properly but it ran fine. Does anyone have any idea whats going on, im really confused over here.
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Re: Absolute beginner to programming

Post by sphyrth »

If there's an error message, can you post a screenshot of it?
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Re: Absolute beginner to programming

Post by Mutos »

Hi FruitGroot,

Could you post console text or screenshots of your error messages, or even your .love, so we can try to figure out what went wrong.

It must be a small spanner in the works, but if you don't know what to search for, it can take you hours to stumble upon it.

You talk about a .love file : did you check to have only the files and not the folder compressed ? Name of main.lua and conf.lua, if you are running LInux, case matters. Also, try to run it without making a .love file, they are only needed for distribution. Just open a console, cd to the folder your main.lua resides into, type "love .", and it should run.

With next to no information, that's the only no-brainer advices I can give you... Hope it helps...
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