Help With Camera Follow and or "Gamera"

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Help With Camera Follow and or "Gamera"

Post by heyitshex » Thu Feb 22, 2018 7:07 am

Hi Everyone,

So, I'm fairly new to Love2d and I wanted to implement a camera that can follow the character's movement. Now I've looked at a few ways to get it to work online. I have tried all of them but none seems to work. I have tried adding in a custom one using variables named "camera" and using translate and push to move it. This did not work for me for some reason. My final solutions was to use Kikito's "Gamera" or his older one, "camera.lua". They seemed quite simple to use but when I added them into my own, I was quite confused to see that nothing works despite having the console say that commands for example "scale was on 3" but there was no difference on my screen.

Can anyone help me with implementing the camera properly, any way can work but preferably Gamera as the current file that I uploaded is using it and explain what I have done wrong so future people can benefit from this, also so I won't make the same mistakes again. I used a random sprite I found off an old forum for this, looks ugly but I will change it soon :awesome:

Thank you.

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