Love-imgui canvas render acting strange on focus

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Love-imgui canvas render acting strange on focus

Post by Zulsorai »

So I've been playing around with the Love-imgui library lately and have been having some issues when I render a canvas to a window.

It seems to render fine until the window object becomes the focus, once it does all the text renders as blocks and lines become thicker.

However, if I click on the top menu bar it renders correctly again. Stranger yet if I open the Demo window provided by the library and enable the 'io.MouseDrawCursor' under 'Input and Focus', this seems to solve the issue.

I was wondering if anyone else has come across this issue when using this library, or if I've just managed to implement it wrong.
I've been looking at the source files and can't see anything obvious why toggling this would cause the image to render differently. Though to be fair I don't really know C++.

Just some quick notes:
Windows 10
Love 11.2 64
Using the prebuilt 64bit imgui.dll library on camchenry's fork:
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Re: Love-imgui canvas render acting strange on focus

Post by grump »

Sounds like something sets a blendmode but fails to restore the previous one.
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