Camera panning not so smooth in map object

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Camera panning not so smooth in map object

Post by gcgsauce » Sat Jul 06, 2019 12:59 pm

So the camera panning in my tile map level leaves a lot to be desired...not smooth. Can't figure out why, because fps is fine and I render less tiles on average than whats on the screen. Here's the class that most likely has the problem:

one of the past versions of this class had much smoother panning, but other problems:

to visit my repo on github so you can recreate it please visit:

one can go to the second commit and run that to see the smooth panning, just make sure to copy the libraries folder to that project directory. thanks!

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Re: Camera panning not so smooth in map object

Post by unixfreak » Tue Aug 20, 2019 1:12 pm

Looks like you're missing deltatime when the camera position changes;

Something like this:


Code: Select all

function Map:update(dt) --moves the map 1 pixel in any direction
    if input:down('PAN_RIGHT') then  
        self.camX = self.camX + 2 *dt
    elseif input:down('PAN_LEFT') then
        self.camX = self.camX - 2 *dt
    if input:down('PAN_UP') then
        self.camY = self.camY - 2 *dt
    elseif input:down('PAN_DOWN') then
        self.camY = self.camY + 2 *dt
You'll probably want to increase "2" to a higher value also. The problem would be, that as it's not sync'd with delta time, every time the fps drops/increase the camera will end up moving variable to the actual framerate. So make sure you multiply by dt to factor that in.

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