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Post by angletri »

I am creating a game like Mario but I am facing a difficulty of obstacles spawning. I am attaching an a .love file. check it. Thank you!
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Post by Jeeper »

First of all, you uploaded a .zip file which is not correctly packaged, so simply renaming it .love doesn't work. In the future you should test if it actually works for you before asking others to try it out. So after having to fixed that I ran into another issue, the game crashes with an error stating: "lib/push.lua:101: attempt to call field 'getPixelScale' (a nil value)"

getPixelScale was removed in Löve 11, which was released like 2 years ago. Why are you using an old version of both Löve and the Push library?

You also should have a conf file so that people don't need to guestimate what version you use. Now I can understand using outdated stuff if you have a legacy game, that you started a long time ago with a huge codebase. That does not seem to be the case here, so my suggestion is to update everything.

As for your problem, you don't really describe it, remember that you are the one who is asking for help. It's not very likely that someone will take the time to help you, if you don't take the time to properly describe the issue, what you have tried to do in order to fix it and what you need help with.

Oh and don't post the same question in multiple forum sections, this is the correct place to ask for help :)
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