Pincers [LD24]

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Pincers [LD24]

Post by ggiraldez »

Hello there! This is my first post in the forums. I know Ludum Dare was almost two weeks ago already, but I'd like to share my entry. If anyone plays it, I'd appreciate any feedback you can give me, since my intention is to continue working on this.

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This is actually the second time I participate, but last time I abandoned early. Both times I used Löve though. The framework is absolutely great for this kind of competition/jam (just stating the obvious I think :) ). I'd like to thank the creators, maintainers and contributors for this wonderful piece of software, without which I wouldn't have enjoyed as much. Thanks!
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Re: Pincers [LD24]

Post by Lafolie »

This is pretty fun. Once you get used to the movement it becomes interesting to see what the creature ends up like. A little slow, but I enjoyed it.
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Re: Pincers [LD24]

Post by coffee »

Quite nice and a bit addictive. Not particular original but how the gameplay is done gives some fun. Liked the multiple choice how can control it. Prefered the mouse. Yet simple, one of the best love games of ld24 imho.
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Re: Pincers [LD24]

Post by Nixola »

I'd really love it if I could modify my "creature" ad in the first Spore stage, but it's very good and fun now too
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Re: Pincers [LD24]

Post by jonyzz »

Nice game, quite fun. I was just missing some ambient background music.
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Re: Pincers [LD24]

Post by Patalo »

Yay, I remember that one! I spent a lot of time playing with it. It's a great news that you want to continue working on it.
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