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Re: Isömap

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That is just too cool. Just. Wow.
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Re: Isömap

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No one will care and I know I'm crazy but I do think this library is the coolest thing LÖVE has ever produced.

I have updated the library to work with LÖVE 11.3.

Taking the latest version from the github page and the fixes that sanjiv made to make it work with LÖVE 9.

The only extra work was fixing the color system to work with numbers 0-1.

My projects using it never got anywhere but the dream is still alive.
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Re: Isömap

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Still here, still awesome 👍 my webcomic (french)
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Re: Isomap 0.04 released

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Saegor wrote: Fri Dec 07, 2012 9:36 am
monsieur_h wrote:I finally took time to try it. Very impressive, and you're iterating fast. When do you plan to release a "stable" version?
i learn Löve (and Lua) in the exclusive goal of making a non-violent vegan game so i will release every version of my engine in the same time i devellop a story and mechanisms for my own game. i plan to have a playable version in average a month and continue further devellopment trough more months again
Looking forward to seeing that!
Sounds like quite the challenge, game-design wise - good luck!

I kinda want to play around with your library, if I didn't already have a million unfinished projects...
Well, one more can't hurt now, can it?^^
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