LUBE (Networking Library)

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Re: LUBE (Networking Library)

Post by OstrichRider »

Is there a working example for version 1.0? Like a basic Server/Client skeleton. TechnoCat's is out of date and I learn 20x faster with an actual example.

EDIT: I made my own! After hours of pouring over the outdated examples, me and my friend hacked together a simple Server/Client program with LUBE 1.0 and LÖVE 0.9.2. Hopefully this saves someone out there a bunch of time!
LUBE 1.0 Example (For LÖVE 0.9.2).love
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Re: LUBE (Networking Library)

Post by Sosolol261 »

This might be a little late but i have an idea:

We take Love Connection and create: LÖCOmotive

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Re: LUBE (Networking Library)

Post by DrPresident »

Hey so i see all this stuff about lube.bin and i really wanna use it but everytime i try to use it i get

Code: Select all

attempt to index global 'bin' (a nil value) 
and i dont see anything that would say it has been removed so i think i just missed it or dont have it properly required, but all my other calls work fine. I really dont want to setup my own table serialization but if i have to I wanna get started! If that is the case I would love recommendations for third party libraries that can serialize tables into strings
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