Computer Snakes

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Re: Computer Snakes

Post by kikito »

When I write def I mean function.
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Re: Computer Snakes

Post by Robin »

kalle2990 wrote:Because of the same reason that you cannot use # in searches you cannot use *. Just like replacing C# with C-Sharp I guess you can replace A* with A-Star ;)
You don't have to, if you use DuckDuckGo, which I linked. (Well, actually I linked to Let Me DuckDuckGo That For You, which is like Let Me Google That For You, only with DuckDuckGo. But the zeroth result is Wikipedia's article either way.)
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Re: Computer Snakes

Post by kalle2990 »

Oh, I didn't even know such a site existed, it seems WAY better than Google search engine.. During my quick discovery of your link I confused it with an tiny url :roll:
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Re: Computer Snakes

Post by slime »

Using google I found an A* made by GloryFish, for Lua/LÖVE.
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Re: Computer Snakes

Post by Tesselode »

Computer snake is actually pretty fun to watch. It would be nice if it were smarter, though.
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Re: Computer Snakes

Post by Ensayia »

Taehl actually made an A* path finding library for LOVE. Check it out here.
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