[library/wip] Löve Bone: 2D Skeletal Animations

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Re: [library/wip] Löve Bone: 2D Skeletal Animations

Post by Seltzer »

DmL wrote:It simply crashes at start up... however, I discovered spriter today and found hardcrawler's implemention...
http://brashmonkey.com/forum/index.php? ... and-video/

While his library is a bit odd, it works more or less as expected and spriter was a joy to learn!

I'm very interested if you do a spriter, so I'll keep an eye on this!
Spriter + hardcrawler's implementation
Thanks for the heads up. I started working on a Sprited importer today, but it will probably take some time. Their files are considerably more complex than Demina, and I'll need to research how some of its features work before I can finish it. I might need to adjust the lovebone API to accommodate it. Should be fun. :D
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Re: [library/wip] BÖNER

Post by s-ol »

Karai17 wrote:How did you pull off the animation blending? I have a 3d model library that I need to add animation blending to, it'd be nice to see how others did it. :)

If you are still interested, you should definetely check out David Rosen's GDC talk on procedural animation (aatter of fact, everyone should)

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Re: [library/wip] Löve Bone: 2D Skeletal Animations

Post by Bindie »

That and occulus rift with hand controllers. Hmm...
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Re: [library/wip] Löve Bone: 2D Skeletal Animations

Post by qubodup »

Seltzer wrote:Decided to rename the library to something a little more appropriate.
Only a little.

In case you're interested, I'd suggest "anymate" or "anym" since "It's designed to accommodate almost any animation scenario".
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Re: [library/wip] Löve Bone: 2D Skeletal Animations

Post by Clavus »

Would be pretty awesome if someone would develop a Spine importer for this. There's a love2d runtime for Spine animations already... but it only plays the animations. Your system adds some great features on top of that.
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Re: [library/wip] Löve Bone: 2D Skeletal Animations

Post by liyonglove2d »

Looking forward to a "Spriter" importer! :awesome: :awesome: :awesome: :awesome:
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Re: [library/wip] Löve Bone: 2D Skeletal Animations

Post by NeonLight_Child »

Hello. Please tell how loading /examples/assets/GreyGuy/player.scml file?
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Re: [library/wip] Löve Bone: 2D Skeletal Animations

Post by Popolon »

About 2d skeletal animation formats:

The open source 2d animation studio, Synfig, also has a skeletal format: https://synfig.org/

File format description is here: https://wiki.synfig.org/Sif_Format

A more standard format is probably SVG? The hierarchy can be managed by Inkscape, but still not animated (that was a project at least 10 years ago).

Both manage vector & bitmap format for the pictures of the skeleton parts.
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Re: [library/wip] Löve Bone: 2D Skeletal Animations

Post by girng »

Seltzer wrote: Mon Feb 09, 2015 10:44 pm
DmL wrote:Can you tell me what steps you took to get Demina working?
I don't think I had any particular problems installing/running it. What seems to be the problem?
  1. I downloaded the ZIP from https://demina.codeplex.com/
  2. I extracted it somewhere.
  3. The executable will end up being <path_to_installation>/Demina/Demina.exe
Demina has been pretty buggy for me, and certainly isn't my preference. It's just easy to get a quick-and-dirty test running.

I'm hoping to add importers for Sprited/DragonBone/Spine at some point, as those seem to be the other prominent competitors.
I downloaded that file, but there is no executable in there at all. I looked at every folder :(. I think they changed it.

I'm looking for a simple skeleton library and this seems to be it. Especially since you mentioned it supports animation blending. If you got time, could you send me that Denima as an attachment?

Really want to get a nice skeleton character going here. If you saw my other thread, I tried Spriter's addon, but there is no blending. And Spine is too much $ unfortunately.

Great work on this project btw, am excited/anxious to test it out.
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