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BaseLibs - fundamental GD objects!

Posted: Wed May 09, 2018 4:27 pm
by Pixelguru26
Hello all! I've finally worked up the courage to release my personal libraries to the LOVE community in the hopes it'll help ease someone else's work.
These libraries have been in various projects for a couple of years now, driving basic functionality for physics, animation, UI's, rendering, etc. In their current state, they provide highly optimized, memory-managed vectors, rectangles, slopes, and line segments with functionality for transformation, intersection, collision, and a few other conveniences while being highly flexible in applicability.
Usage of these libraries has been made as simple and powerful as possible, and they're updated frequently to make sure everything is extremely robust and efficient.
Finally, licensing is nonexistent - as far as I'm concerned, these libraries are released into the public domain, though I will absolutely respond to bug reports even for modified versions.
SO, TL;DR: vector, rectangle, line library with physics-assisting methods, garbage management and slopes, public domain and tech support in raw Lua. Go nuts.