mappy [character sheet to BMFont + atlas]

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mappy [character sheet to BMFont + atlas]

Post by tadamson » Mon May 21, 2018 8:02 am

I was looking at options for bitmap fonts, and AngelCode BMFonts appealed to me more than LÖVE's native ImageFonts. Unfortunately, most tools I found for generating BMFonts did so by rasterizing a TTF, and those that worked with character sheets were pretty clumsy and not to my liking. So I wrote this small C program to do just that. It takes as input a single character sheet to produce a BMFont description and an accompanying packed texture atlas. Sample output:


Move the output.png and output.fnt to some resource directory in your LÖVE project, then just load it like so:

Code: Select all

font ="res/font/output.fnt")
Other usage details and specifications for the input image can be found in the repo. There's also a win32 build under the downloads section.

Bitbucket repo:

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