Gladstone, a turn-based framework

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Gladstone, a turn-based framework

Post by aidalgol » Mon Jun 11, 2018 10:14 am

I have been working on a framework for a turn-based stealth game off and on for the past year or so (I haven't had much free time), and I thought I'd share my progress. My demo "game" here is what I've been using to test features. It's not a playable game, but shows what little it can do so far. Click the red piece to select it, then right-click one of the now-green squares to move the piece. Then click the "Next Turn" button and the AI will take its turn (which is just to rotate on the spot). When the AI "watcher" unit sees you, it prints to the console where it spotted someone.

I know this does hardly anything, but since I haven't found anything even vaguely similar (that can be used with or has been built for LÖVE), I wanted to post about it here in the hopes that either someone finds it useful or someone points me toward something more finished that I somehow missed in my searches.

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