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Re: RichLÖVE Mobile 0.10.2 - AdMob+UnityAds+PlayGamesServices+GameCenter

Post by Marty »

Cruhan wrote: Fri Nov 16, 2018 5:59 am if I understand correctly this is 10.2 so it doesn't use metal on ios?
Any version of LÖVE is not using the Metal implementation, instead it's using OpenGL / OpenGL ES. However, on newer iOS versions Apple's OpenGL ES implementation uses Metal under the hood. This is independent of LÖVE's version.
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Re: RichLÖVE Mobile 0.10.2 - AdMob+UnityAds+PlayGamesServices+GameCenter

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I have a noob question (which is part of a larger thread):
Is my understanding correct this is not a library, but rather an extension of the engine itself?

If so, how does one go around making things work?
Specifically, do i simply follow these instructions and put the game ( in the directory (project)/app/src/main/assets before compiling richlove?
Related to that, is there a way to test the features of this 'library' without a need for apk creation every single time (eg, compile LOVE app and then run .love files through a file system)?

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