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Music Box

Post by xerysherry »

Music Box

This is a uncomplete toy. haha


If you can't load test file, press "ctrl + D" and check your WorkingDirectory!
Hope you like it. :)

if you are interested in this program library, please visit
for 0.8.0
(1.24 MiB) Downloaded 110 times
some test files
(1.53 KiB) Downloaded 91 times
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Re: Music Box

Post by Roland_Yonaba »

Or Lord, I can't get Canvas working ...
Shame on me...Shame on me...
Shaaaaaaame on me!

PS: I looked at the code...which is!
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Re: Music Box

Post by coffee »

Wow! Music notation attempt? LOVE is musically becoming profissional.
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Re: Music Box

Post by Lafolie »

Woohoo, more music-themed projects! I like your interface design.

Edit: Those samples are gorgeous.
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