"A Whiff of Steam" story contest - and the winner is....

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Whose story proposal you like best?

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Re: "A Whiff of Steam" story contest - and the winner is....

Post by MarekkPie »

If that's official, could we get rid of this forum? If someone feels they still want some archive of this, perhaps move the main thread to Projects and Demos.
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Re: "A Whiff of Steam" story contest - and the winner is....

Post by giniu »

If community says so I have to agree, so I think that's official. Remember that this project never had single leader - its leader used to be community as stated in commonly agreed project rules, so it was decided by whole community by lack of interest. I feel sad about it and hoped to see it raise again for a long time, especially that I seen and helped to start it. But it was experiment that failed. It was a dream that community can make something together, without lead of single person, but by common vote. In which joined force could produce something none of us could do alone. The idea was that if major decisions are voted upon by community, it will be a game that majority wants - and if majority is satisfied, then there will be more contributions to keep the thing rolling. But it seems, just like in politics, also in game development, it is just unreal. I was wrong in thinking that it could work, and now I know that I lost lots of time by trying to make it work. Lately I looked at project log and seen I was only one doing any commits - it wasn't community project for a long time. Maybe it's me getting to old for this, but I too don't have any faith left for this, so I moved my time to build a company with aim at designing apps, with small team of two other dedicated people who actually care - and it works like a charm for now.
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Re: "A Whiff of Steam" story contest - and the winner is....

Post by Robin »

I'd say we are more of a community of individuals than some sort of collective, which could be a reason why it failed. Why we failed.

As for myself, I like to be in charge of creative decisions when committing (as opposed to helping out once, finding a single bug, making a few suggestions, ect.). Not necessarily all of them. But with AWOS, it felt like I didn't have any say in it. I could propose things, but I had to wait for the rest of the community to agree with me. That really held me back.
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