First stage of iteration 2 rewrite done

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First stage of iteration 2 rewrite done

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today I uploaded to github the file After few wip releases that were partially working (we were in progress of rewriting projection and coordinates code which temporary broken some features we did not got into yet) we finally are back at features stage at which we were before projection change :).

We also fixed all bugs we knew about, and implemented all feature requests to part we have currently (including ability to select multiple tiles in editor, black edges at edges of tiles on different zoom levels, movement alignment, better and more detailed help box, and more). Second stage of rewrite is code clean-up and cosmetics, but this shouldn't be visible from user point of view. After rewrite is finished to complete the iteration 2 of prototype we only have to add object placement and we can process to next iterations, with fully working world view in which we can travel at the end of road for this prototype.

If you are interested in the project, give it a try and tell us if you find some bugs in current behaviour, it's wasn't tested as well as previous trimetric code, but we abstracted the world<->view coordinates change to make it a lot simpler - now to adjust the projection (which shouldn't be necessary) we only need to adjust 3 vectors in projection.lua file and tiles and we should get whole thing working.

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