Convert 0.9.2 conf.lua files to 0.10.0

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Convert 0.9.2 conf.lua files to 0.10.0

Post by FlattenedTesseract » Tue Dec 22, 2015 4:27 pm

This is a simple fix for broken .love files made for 0.9.2.
You might need to tweak your code a little bit if you used any of the changed functions (if there are any). Also, if you have windows, use cygwin (sed, zip and unzip).

Anyway, you need to do this for each .love file:

Code: Select all

unzip -d some_folder/
cd some_folder
sed -i 's/0.9.2/0.10.0/g' conf.lua
zip -9 -r ../ .
cd ..
rm -r some_folder/
If your game is not archived, you can just run the sed command.

Replace with your .love name and you can change some_folder/ with any folder name you want as long as it doesn't currently exist.

Hopefully it helped ;)

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