New Love2d Beginner Video Tutorials

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New Love2d Beginner Video Tutorials

Post by baconhawka7x »

We had to remove our old youtube channel(we as in Sock Munkee Develompent!). But we have a new one, and it has all of our beginner tutorials so far on it.

So here it is:)

Update Video: [youtube][/youtube]

I will be filming some new tutorials tomorrow. Probably 9=11. So be expecting those around monday:)

Also, I'm happy to announce that we are almost ready to start filming the Advanced Tutorials series!:D We will cover more advanced topics like, animation, tiles, collision, advanced player movement(Using velocity), and morre:)
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Re: New Love2d Beginner Video Tutorials

Post by 1u4 »

Your tuts are pretty funny. Thanks for making them.
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Re: New Love2d Beginner Video Tutorials

Post by clepto »

i am waiting!
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